Gandhi Rainbow Peace March, South Africa

Peace March at Pietermaritzburg: On June 12, 2005 he organized a Rainbow Peace March with more than 1000 participants comprising of Indians and South Africans that began from Pietermaritzburg Railway Station up to the City Hall. A grand civic reception was accorded to him by the Mayor and the City Council of Pietermaritzburg City (South Africa) in the City Hall of Pietermaritzburg. On the request of the City Mayor, he donated young Barrister Gandhi's statue, as he was in 1893 (when Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of the first class Railway Compartment at Pietermaritzburg Railway Station due to apartheid policy of whites in spite of holding first class ticket), to be installed at this historic Railway Station..

Speech at UNO

UNO Broshure 2011.pdf

Construct Mandap at Kathmandu, Pashupatinath Mandir.

India and Latin America, Qinuioa
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