PADAYATRAS By satpal maharaj


Satpal Maharaj has dedicated his life for the cause of people, society and thereby serving the nation. Being a social–reformer, his holistic activities have spread the message of virtue and morality. He believes an individual may come across hindrances from social, economic or political negligence. An issue related to neglect is not only a social issue but it has roots coming from poverty and ineffective political leadership. Satpal Maharaj has been very determined in rising critical issues to be addressed at the social and political platform. He has passionately and relentlessly worked towards making a difference in the lives of people who have voiced there grievances.

He organised long Padayatras to personally interact with cross-section of people living in remote areas and villages and to get first-hand feedback about issues being faced by them. During his extensive Padayatras (Walks) in the himalayan region, Satpal Maharaj came to know about the endemic problems of the area and has been actively advocating various social welfare programs to promote literacy, employment and empowerment of women. Since then he has undertaken upon himself the arduous task to find solutions to the problem of inadequate opportunities and poverty. To achieve this end, he has been striving to bring about cohesion among villages, castes, communities and blocks. Unless people rise above prejudices , the social divide will hamper the development of their region. Years of tireless efforts and extensive touring of India, Nepal and Bhutan led to a series of Padayatras.

  • Bharat Jago Padayatra

    September 24,1983 Badrinath, Himalayas.

    The first Padayatra, the 'Bharat Jago Padayatra' (Awakening India) began on September 24, 1983, from Badrinath in the Himalayas (elevation, 10,000 ft). The 600-km route Read More

  • Jan Jagaran Padayatra

    March 11, 1985 Gandhi Maidan, Siliguri

    The second Padayatra, 'Jan Jagaran Padayatra' (Awakening Masses) began on March 11, 1985, from Gandhi Maidan, Siliguri (West Bengal). It passed through Read More

  • Janata Jage Padayatra

    February 1986 Patna,Bihar.

    The third Padayatra, 'Janata Jage Padayatra' (Awakening People) began from the heritage location of Bodh Gaya and culminated at Patna, in Bihar in February 1986. At every Read More

  • Gandhi Car Rally 1993

    October 2, 1993 Maghar, Lucknow.

    It was Mahatma Gandhi’s dream to see India grow into a strong and secular state, built on the sound principles of amity, non-violence, love and tolerance. He had the vision and wisdom Read More

  • Shraddhanjali Padayatra

    Aug 15, 1996 Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand.

    This Himalayan region warranted restructuring - the administrative framework was ill-equipped to address the economic and human development issues under the Uttar Read More

  • Sadhbhavana Padayatra

    November 2002, Dandi, Sabarmati.

    In November 2002, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj undertook the Sadbhavana Padayatra (March for Peace and Goodwill) through the state of Gujarat to promote Read More